Corporate Governance Documents

This repository includes references to articles, books, and case studies for anyone interested in the subject of governance in family-owned businesses. The menu on the left enables filtering by type of document, language, and subject.

Titletrier par ordre décroissant Document Language Document Type Year Published Document Authors
Feeling Better about Refusing to Choose Between your Family and your Business English Article 2008 Amy Schuman
Financing Family Business: Alternatives to Selling Out or Going Public English Article 1990 Dirk R. Dreux IV
Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and Liquidity in the Family Business English Book 1995 Craig Aronoff , John Ward , Francois de Visscher
Finding the Right Directors English Article 2007 Jennifer Pendergast
For Love or Money on the Family Legacy English Article 2000 Ivan Lansberg
Francisco de Narváez at Tía (A) + (B) - Selling the Family Business English Case 1995 Linda Hill , Stacy Palestrant
From Siblings to Cousins: prospering in the third generation and beyond English Book 2007 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Fundamentals of Family Business System Governance English Article 2006 John Davis
Garcia y Mora English Case 1993 Collen Kaftant , Louis Barnes
Generation to Generation English Book 1997 John Davis , Kelin Gersick , Marion Hampton , Ivan Lansberg
Génesis del Consejo Spanish Book 2012 Jose Tapies , José Maria Navarro-Rub
George Barker English Case 2004 John Davis
Getting Non-Operating Shareholders Appropriately Involved English Article 2014 Steve McLure
Good Governance is Different for Family Firms English Article 2003 John Ward
Good Governance is Essential for a Family and its Business English Article 2008 Jack Moore , Tom Jueneman
Governança Corporativa - O Governo da Empresa e o Conselho de Administração Portuguese Book 2000 João Bosco Lodi
Governança é Base para Contornar os Conflitos de Família Portuguese Article 2012 Renato Bernhoeft
Governança Invisível Portuguese Article 2010 Wagner Luiz Teixeira
Governança na Empresa Familiar: gestão, poder e sucessão Portuguese Book 2003 Renato Bernhoeft , Miguel A. Gallo
Governance and the Enterprising Family English Article 2009 Fredda Herz Brown