Corporate Governance Documents

This repository includes references to articles, books, and case studies for anyone interested in the subject of governance in family-owned businesses. The menu on the left enables filtering by type of document, language, and subject.

Titletrier par ordre décroissant Document Language Document Type Year Published Document Authors
Family Business Ownership: How to be an effective shareholder English Book 2002 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Family Business Policies: why you need them English Article 2005 Craig Aronoff
Family Business Source Book (Third Edition) English Book 2002 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Family Business Succession: 15 guidelines English Article 2006 John Ward , Stephen McClure
Family Business Succession: the final test of greatness English Book 2003 Craig Aronoff , Stephen McClure , John Ward
Family business succession: Your Roadmap to Continuity English Book 2014 Kelly LeCouvie , Jennifer Pendergast
Family Business System Action Planning Worksheet English Article 2005 John Davis
Family Business Values: How to assure a legacy of continuity and success English Book 2001 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Family Business, Risky Business: how to make it work English Book 1993 David Bork
Family CEOs vs Nonfamily CEOs in the Family Controlled Firm: Level and Sensitivity of Pay to Performance English Article 2000 Daniel L. McConaughy
Family Councils: Who Needs Them? English Article 2010 JoAnne Norton
Family Education for Business Owning Families; strengthening bonds by learning together English Book 2009 Amy Schuman , John Ward
Family Governance and Firm Performance: Agency, Stewardship, and Capabilities English Article 2006 Danny Miller , Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
Family Governance: How Leading Families Manage the Challenges of Wealth English Article 2011 Ernesto Poza
Family Meetings: How to build a stronger family and a stronger business English Book 2002 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Family Meetings: Some Guidelines English Article 2008 David Lansky
Family Members Who do not Work in the Family Business: How to Enhance their Unity and Commitment English Article 2004 Miguel A. Gallo , Kristin Cappuyns
Family Perks: Benefit or Boondoggle? English Article 2009 Christopher J. Eckrich
Family Values and Value Creation: the fostering of enduring values within the family-owned business English Book 2008 Edited by Josep Tàpies , John Ward
Family Wars - Classic Conflicts in Family Business and How to Deal with Them English Book 2008 Grant Gordon , Nigel Nicholson