Corporate Governance Documents

This repository includes references to articles, books, and case studies for anyone interested in the subject of governance in family-owned businesses. The menu on the left enables filtering by type of document, language, and subject.

Titletrier par ordre décroissant Document Language Document Type Year Published Document Authors
Business Family Dynamics English Article 1997 John Davis
Cardullo Imballagi S.p.A. (A) Spanish Case 1996 Salvatore Tomaselli
Carta a um Filho Herdeiro Portuguese Article 2009 Renato Bernhoeft
Cartas a um Jovem Herdeiro: herança não vem com manual de instrução Portuguese Book 2007 Renato Bernhoft , Renata Bernhoft
Catherine Gomez and Dentalite English Case 2013 John Davis , Shirley Spence
Centuries of Success: lessons from the world's most enduring family businesses English Book 2004 William T. O'Hara
Clemens Family Corp (A) + (B) + C English Case 2004 Christina Goletz , John Ward
Communication and the Family Business English Article 2006 Thomas Knight
Cómo Crear un Consejo de Administración en Empresas Familiares (Edición Española) Spanish Book 2004 John Ward
Como Criar, Manter e Sair de uma Sociedade Familiar (sem brigar) Portuguese Book 2001 Renato Bernhoeft
Cómo diseñar una política de retribución en la empresa familiar Spanish Article 2008 Josep Tàpies
Cómo lograr una buena comunicación en la familia empresaria Spanish Article 2009 Lucia Ceja
Cómo Trabajan Juntas las Familias en sus Empresas (Edición Española) Spanish Book 2005 Mary Whiteside , Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Cómo Trabajan Juntas las Familias en sus Empresas (Edición Española) Spanish Book 2005 Craig Aronoff , John Ward , Joseph Astrachan
Compensating Family Employees in a Family Business English Article 2007 John Davis
Compensating your Board of Directors English Article 2007 Gregory Greenleaf
Compins S.A. (Tema: Incorporación de Familiares) Spanish Case 2004 Josep Tàpies
Comportamientos No Acertados de Consejos de Administración en Empresas Familiares Spanish Article 2000 Miguel Ángel Gallo
Conflict and Communication in the Family Business English Book 2003 Joseph Astrachn , Kristi McMillan
Conflict in the Family Firm: Learn to have a "Healthy Fight" English Article 2010 Penny Webb