Syndications and Co-Loans

IIC fills a market gap by extending financing when international commercial funding is either limited or nonexistent for our borrowers. The international commercial markets tend to focus primarily on a few countries in the region. Our role is to help bring international capital to all our member countries.

We act as a catalyst, leveraging our own investments and mobilizing other public and private sources for co-financing through our syndicated loans and co loans to complete much-needed projects.

Key Aspects

  • We help complete the financing package for potential transactions by mobilizing additional debt financing.
  • Through our syndicated loans, we bring eligible entities including international and regional banks, as well as institutional and impact investors, to the transaction via the sale of participations. The IIC remains the lender of record and is able to extend certain privileges and immunities not available independently investors, such as our de facto preferential creditor status.
  • Through our co-loans, we identify other multilaterals and development financial institutions that are interested in a transaction. We coordinate on key terms and conditions, due diligence, and documentation.

Syndicated loans and co-loans encourage lenders to provide funding at longer tenors than they would without the IIC.