The IIC has always considered equity and quasi-equity investments important financing tools for promoting the development in the region. Such instruments—through which investors and companies share the risks and potential benefits of a business venture—help create stable jobs, increase productivity, boost exports, and generate indirect business opportunities over the medium and long term.

As an investor, the IIC always strives to generate positive returns on its investments by offering market terms and sharing investment risks with its partners. Its investments are designed mainly to bolster the expansion and globalization plans of growing companies with proven business models.

The IIC invests directly in companies and through private equity funds, offering an array of different equity and quasi-equity instruments to meet specific business and project needs in the form of:

  • Common Shares (preferably with a defined exit strategy)
  • Preferred Shares
  • Warrants
  • Investments with returns pegged to a share in sales
  • Subordinated loans and
  • Convertible loans

IIC’s investments can have an equity ownership interest of up to 33%. Part of our role as an investor is adding value to our client companies by offering non-financial assistance on a case by case basis in areas such as corporate governance, and environmental policies and procedures.