Advisory Services

Companies need more than just financing for sustainable growth: They also need technical assistance to deal with the many challenges that hinder their ability to compete in open markets, including management, planning, and strategy. Over the years, the IIC has identified a number of key areas in which companies are often in need of assistance. In response, the IIC put together a comprehensive package of value-added services for SMEs under the FINPYME brand.

FINPYME comprises seven programs offering value-added services:

  • FINPYME Diagnostics
  • FINPYME ExportPlus 
  • FINPYME Family Business
  • FINPYME Integrity 
  • FINPYME Mujer Empresaria
  • FINPYME Technical Assistance

These technical assistance programs are made possible by partnering with donor countries. The resources received through these partnerships enable the IIC to provide training, technical assistance, and advisory services to thousands of SMEs across Latin America and the Caribbean looking to improve their management and planning to overcome the strategic challenges in domestic and international markets.