Sustainability Week


October 27-29

Westin Hotel

Panama City, Panama

Sustainability Week 2014

Sustainability Week 2014

About this Event

The IIC has a long history of providing capacity building activities for financial institutions in the region. Since 1999, it has provided training to over 700 participants from over 220 financial institutions all across Latin America and the Caribbean. Sustainability Week is an initiative designed to train financial institutions on sustainability, including topics like environmental and social risk management. This year a new session will also be introduced on how financial institutions can better connect with women and achieve greater sustainability and business opportunities by reaching this growing market.

This year, the workshop is divided into two themes:

Theme 1: Environmental and social management for the financial sector

The workshop looks at the concept of sustainability in terms of strategy and addresses how it relates to financial institutions.

Units will be presented on:
• Identifying and managing environmental and social risks, as well as risks to health and safety in the workplace
• Practical guidance on how to implement an environmental risk management system.
• Advanced units on implementation of certification programs (RSPO, Fair Trade, GlobalGAP, etc.) in agricultural sectors to help sub-borrowers open new markets.
• Systems that incorporate IFC performance standards
• Case studies and presentations by financial institutions that effectively manage environmental risk

This workshop will be carried out in collaboration with the Environmental Safeguards Unit (ESG) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The workshop will also include the participation of the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO).

Theme 2: Investing in women, an intelligent strategy

Offering banking services to women is profitable and sustainable. Numerous studies have demonstrated that women can play an important role in the success of businesses, in return on investments, and in the sustainable creation of value. It has been proven that greater participation of women—on boards of directors, in management, in the workforce, and as clients—leads to portfolios with lower risk, less delinquency, and, definitively, more profits. In addition, giving women direct access to financing has an important impact on the development of human capital and economic growth in the medium term. Women and their businesses represent a market opportunity that should be taken advantage of by offering them products and procedures adapted to their needs. The workshop will demonstrate the benefits to women of financial inclusion and will make recommendations on how to foster it.

The second session will be carried out in collaboration with the MIF/IDB.

The cost of the workshop will be $400 per participant.


Date: October 27-29, 2014

Location: Hotel WESTIN Playa Bonita
KM. 6 Camino a Veracruz, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá