Construction, Materials, and Fixtures

IIC renews its financial support for Argentina’s Profertil S.A.

IIC and a family-owned chemical and plastic company in Paraguay sign a loan agreement for up to US$250,000 under the Small Business Revolving Line

IIC signs the first loan agreement under its streamlined approval financial mechanism in Guatemala

IIC Approves Loan To Profertil S.A. In Argentina

IIC Signs A US$3.5 Million Loan Agreement With Ecuadorian Plastics Firm

IIC Approves A US$3.5 Million Loan To An Ecuadorian Plastics Manufacturer

IIC Approves A Loan Of Up To US$5 Million For Colombia's Chemical And Plastics Sector

IIC Approves A US$10.2 Million Loan That Will Benefit Colombia'S Manufacturing Sector

IIC Approves A $10 Million Loan To Quimpac, A Chemical, Salt And Paper Plant In Peru


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