Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
CH1069A-01: Delta Leasing Habitacional S.A. Financial Services Chile 12/27/1999 02/10/2000
CR1070A-01: Consorcio Celsa-Dimmsa-Telepsa (CONDICEL) ltda. Information, Communications, and Technology Costa Rica 12/22/1999 02/29/2000
RG1059A-01: COMPASS CAPITAL FUND LP Financial Services 11/22/1999 12/15/1999
RG1060A-01: El Camino Resources de America Latina S.A. (PLG) Services 11/16/1999 12/02/1999
HO1032A-01: BANCO FINANCIERA CENTROAMERICANA (FICENSA) Financial Services Honduras 11/09/1999 12/07/1999
NI1035A-01: Banco de la Exportación S.A. Financial Services Nicaragua 11/09/1999 12/07/1999
GU1040A-01: HIDROELECTRICA LAS VACAS Utilities Guatemala 10/18/1999 11/29/1999
HO1029A-01: ZIP Buena Vista Information, Communications, and Technology Honduras 09/28/1999 01/27/2000
CH1055B-01: Invertec Foods S.A. Agricultural Products Chile 09/20/1999 10/28/1999
UR1047A-01: BANCO MONTEVIDEO Agency Line Services Uruguay 09/15/1999 10/21/1999
HO1015B-01: Banco la Capitalizadora Hondureña, S.A. (BANCAHSA) Financial Services Honduras 07/23/1999 09/10/1999
ME1134A-01: Banco del Bajío Financial Services Mexico 07/22/1999 09/24/1999
NI1029B-01: Banco de Crédito Centroamericano-Bancentro II Financial Services Nicaragua 07/22/1999 10/18/1999
AR1145A-01: Banco Río de la Plata, S.A. Financial Services Argentina 07/15/1999 08/13/1999
RG1057A-01: IIC/LAAD Agency Line Agricultural Products 06/15/1999 08/04/1999
ME1132A-01: Grupo Calider, S.A. de C.V. Oil, Gas, and Mining Mexico 06/15/1999 07/21/1999
GU1041A-01: Banco de Occidente Financial Services Guatemala 05/17/1999 07/28/1999
PR1036A-01: Banco Alemán Paraguayo S.A. (BAPSA II) Financial Services Paraguay 05/12/1999 11/12/1999
HO1028A-01: Ficohsa Financial Services Honduras 04/30/1999 01/27/1999
RG1056A-01: The Caribbean Investment Fund, L.P. Financial Services 04/20/1999 04/26/1999