Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
CH2962A-02: FactorLine S.A Financial Services Chile 08/17/2007 09/18/2007
BR3727A-01: BPN Brasil Financial Services Brazil 08/17/2007 09/18/2007
CR3882A-01: Banca Promérica Financial Services Costa Rica 08/10/2007 09/11/2007
ME3770A-01: Operadora Pesquera del Oriente Aquaculture and Fisheries Mexico 08/10/2007 09/11/2007
AR3785A-01: Avex S.A. ("Avex" or the "Enterprise") Livestock and Poultry Argentina 08/09/2007 09/18/2007
EC3842A-01: ERCO General Manufacturing Ecuador 08/03/2007 09/07/2007
EC3829A-01: Aglomerados Cotopaxi S.A. Wood, Pulp, and Paper Ecuador 07/27/2007 09/11/2007
AR3452A-02: Garantizar SGR Agricultural Products Argentina 07/06/2007 08/06/2007
BR3728A-01: Banco Daycoval S.A. Financial Services Brazil 07/06/2007 08/07/2007
CR1073A-02: Banco Improsa S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 06/27/2007 07/31/2007
ME3755A-01: Program for Funding Specialized Financial Institutions in Mexico (IFEM, the abbreviation in Spanish) Financial Services Mexico 06/19/2007 07/19/2007
CH3717A-02: Copeval Agricultural Products Chile 06/08/2007 07/10/2007
NI3005A-02: Findesa Financial Services Nicaragua 06/08/2007 07/10/2007
EC3841A-01: Banco Pichincha C.A. Financial Services Ecuador 06/08/2007 07/10/2007
CO3834A-01: Productos Naturales de la Sabana S.A. ALQUERÍA Agricultural Products Colombia 06/08/2007 07/10/2007
NI3761A-01: Cone Denim de Nicaragua, S.A. (CDN) Textiles, Apparel, and Leather Nicaragua 06/01/2007 07/03/2007
NI1046B-02: Banco de Finanzas II Financial Services Nicaragua 04/20/2007 05/22/2007
CO3440A-02: Bancóldex Financial Services Colombia 04/05/2007 05/08/2007
PE3788A-02: Banco Continental S.A. Financial Services Peru 04/02/2007 05/08/2007
UR2391A-02: SAMAN II Agricultural Products Uruguay 03/26/2007 04/27/2007