Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
JA3344A-01: First Global Bank Limited Financial Services Jamaica 08/12/2008 09/16/2008
ME3453A-02: ALMER Agricultural Products Mexico 08/04/2008 09/09/2008
ME3802A-01: Hipotecaria Vértice Financial Services Mexico 07/29/2008 09/16/2008
PR3731A-02: Financiera El Comercio, S.A.E.C.A. Financial Services Paraguay 07/18/2008 08/26/2008
BR3740A-01: Vale do Paraná S.A. ("VdP" or the "Company") Agricultural Products Brazil 07/03/2008 08/05/2008
CO3887A-01: Guanaquitas S.A.E.S.P. Utilities Colombia 06/11/2008 07/15/2008
CO3886A-01: Caruquia S.A. E.S.P Utilities Colombia 06/11/2008 07/15/2008
PE3881A-01: Financiera Edyficar S.A. Financial Services Peru 06/06/2008 07/08/2008
UR3798A-01: Microfin Uruguay Financial Services Uruguay 05/30/2008 07/01/2008
HO1032A-02: Banco FICENSA Financial Services Honduras 05/22/2008 06/26/2008
CH3735A-02: Eurocapital S.A. Financial Services Chile 05/16/2008 06/17/2008
AR3858A-01: Inplast S.A Construction, Materials, and Fixtures 05/15/2008 06/17/2008
CR3890A-01: Distribuidora de Carnes Zamora S.A. Food and Beverages Costa Rica 05/14/2008 06/17/2008
BR1129A-04: Rabobank Brasil Financial Services Brazil 05/09/2008 06/10/2008
AR3876A-01: Banco Patagonia S.A. Financial Services Argentina 05/08/2008 06/10/2008
ES3370A-01: Banco Multisectorial de Inversiones Financial Services El Salvador 05/02/2008 06/03/2008
CR3892A-01: Financiera Desyfin S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 04/30/2008 06/24/2008
AR3869A-01: Termas de Lahuen Co Hotels and Tourism Argentina 04/25/2008 04/27/2008
AR3814A-01: Industrias Alimenticias Mendocinas S.A. ("IAMSA" or the "Company") Agricultural Products Argentina 04/17/2008 05/27/2008
CH3744A-01: Neopak, S.A. Wood, Pulp, and Paper Chile 03/28/2008 04/29/2008