Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Posted Expected Approval Datesort descending
CH1083A-01: Equity investment in Negocios Regionales Fondo de Inversión Privado Financial Services Chile 11/06/2000 12/22/2000
BR1092A-01: Banco Santos S.A. Financial Services Brazil 11/17/2000 01/10/2001
RG1077A-01: Inter-American Corporation for Infrastructure Finance Financial Services 02/05/2001 03/12/2001
CH1062C-01: Banco del Desarrollo Equity Investment Financial Services Chile 02/12/2001 03/12/2001
BR1113A-01: Unisul - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina Education Brazil 06/13/2001 07/20/2001
CO1093A-01: Biofilm S.A. Construction, Materials, and Fixtures Colombia 06/14/2001 07/20/2001
AR1161A-01: Publicidad Sarmiento Services Argentina 07/16/2001 08/29/2001
PR1037A-01: Four Point Sheraton Asuncion - EMPRENDIMIENTOS HOTELEROS, S.A. Hotels and Tourism Paraguay 06/15/2001 09/06/2001
NI1040A-01: Café Soluble Agricultural Products Nicaragua 07/23/2001 09/06/2001
UR1053A-01: Camino a las Sierras S.A. Transportation and Logistics Uruguay 08/27/2001 09/26/2001
CH1056B-01: INVERTEC PESQUERA II Aquaculture and Fisheries Chile 08/27/2001 10/11/2001
BO1069A-01: MABET Wood, Pulp, and Paper Bolivia 09/27/2001 10/31/2001
CO1092A-01: C.I. Falcon Farms de Colombia S. A. Agricultural Products Colombia 09/27/2001 10/31/2001
PE1113A-01: América Leasing, S.A. Financial Services Peru 10/05/2001 11/09/2001
RG1079A-01: The Cori Capital Partners, L.P. Financial Services 10/30/2001 12/06/2001
VE1069A-01: Standard Seafood de Venezuela, C. A. Aquaculture and Fisheries Venezuela 11/02/2001 12/06/2001
BR1029B-01: Fabrica de Papel Santa Therezinha S. A (SANTHER II) Wood, Pulp, and Paper Brazil 11/02/2001 12/13/2001
BR1117B-01: Brazilian Mortgages Companhia Hipotecaria II Financial Services Brazil 11/02/2001 12/13/2001
BR1099A-01: Brazilian Securities Companhia de Securitização II Financial Services Brazil 11/02/2001 12/13/2001
UR1050A-01: Carrasco Marriott Hotel (CARMITEL) Hotels and Tourism Uruguay 09/07/2001 12/19/2001