Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Posted Expected Approval Datesort ascending
PE3874A-01: Citibank del Perú, S.A. Financial Services Peru 03/28/2008 04/29/2008
AR3869A-01: Termas de Lahuen Co Hotels and Tourism Argentina 04/25/2008 04/27/2008
AR3870A-01: Fincas Patagónicas S.A. Food and Beverages Argentina 03/18/2008 04/22/2008
CR3887A-01: AMPO General Manufacturing Costa Rica 03/19/2008 04/22/2008
PR3912A-01: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Paraguay S.A. Financial Services Paraguay 03/14/2008 04/22/2008
PN3745A-01: Banco General Financial Services Panama 02/22/2008 03/25/2008
EC3851A-01: COMOHOGAR Distribution and Retail Ecuador 02/15/2008 03/18/2008
GY3504A-01: Demerara Bank Limited Financial Services Guyana 01/18/2008 02/26/2008
AR1137A-02: Desler S.A. Services Argentina 12/07/2007 01/29/2008
CH3751A-01: Factotal S.A. Financial Services Chile 12/18/2007 01/22/2008
RC3209A-01: Current to Current Utilities Guatemala 10/26/2007 11/27/2007
RG1080A-02: Darby ProBanco Fund II Financial Services 10/26/2007 11/27/2007
TT1018A-02: RBTT Financial Services Trinidad and Tobago 10/26/2007 11/27/2007
CH1056A-02: Invertec Pesquera Mar de Chiloé S.A. ("Invertec Pesquera" or the "Company") Aquaculture and Fisheries Chile 10/12/2007 11/20/2007
BR3736A-01: Unik S.A. Financial Services Brazil 10/12/2007 11/13/2007
EC3845A-01: PANASA Wood, Pulp, and Paper Ecuador 10/12/2007 11/13/2007
AR3842A-01: Terminal de Servicios Portuarios Patagonia Norte S.A. ("Terminal Patagonia" or the "Company") Utilities Argentina 09/26/2007 10/30/2007
CH3831A-01: Trans Antartic Ltda. Aquaculture and Fisheries Chile 09/21/2007 10/23/2007
ME3773A-01: Pure Leasing S.A. de C.V. Financial Services Mexico 09/11/2007 10/16/2007
ME3740A-02: BANCO COMPARTAMOS II Financial Services Mexico 08/23/2007 09/25/2007