Itapoá Container Terminal

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Itapoá Terminais Portuários S.A
Financing Requested: 
BRL 150,000,000
Environmental and Social Category: 
Scope Objective: 

The project, under implementation of Itapoá Terminais Portuários S.A, consists of an expansion on the capacity of the quay and storage yard of the Itapoá Container Port, located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The current Itapoá port has been operating above its capacity for the last two years and the expansion will allow it to adequate to the current market conditions and more efficiently serve the region.

The project includes the following:
• Yard expansion from 146k sqm to 296k sqm.
• Wharf adequacy from 630m to 800m, in order to receive two ships at the same time
• Container handling capacity increase from ~510,000 to ~1.2 mm TEUs

The financing from the IDB Group will consist of either one or two A Loans for an aggregate amount of up to one hundred and fifty million Brazilian Reais (RS$ 150,000,000), each to be funded by IDB Invest and/or the IDB.

Environmental Review: 

The Project has been preliminarily classified as a Category B operation according to the IDB Invest’s Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy. Social and environmental negative impacts of the pier and storage area expansion are expected to be mitigated with standard good practices. This categorization will be confirmed after the environmental and social due diligence (ESDD).
The project’s sponsors presented an Environmental and Social Impact Study and received its Environmental Preliminary License on 10/14/2015; its Installation License on 03/31/2016, and its Operational License on 02/23/2018, all issued by IBAMA – Brazil’s Federal Environmental Agency. A public hearing was conducted on February 14th 2014, and since then several additional meetings were held by the Sponsor with different stakeholders.
The associated facilities (improvement of 27 kilometers of the SC 416 state highway, improvement of Jose Alves road, Transmission Lines Joinville-Itapoa / Itapoá – Port and construction of the road access from Jose Alves Road to Street 2850 were all fully licensed by the Santa Catarina’s State Environmental Agency (FATMA) before 2015.
The port expansion affected 30 hectares of natural habitat and the sponsor compensated this by creating a nature reserve area of 300 hectares in the same habitat. The adequacy and sufficiency of the compensation will be assessed during the due diligence phase.
The project is in an advanced stage of construction, and the sponsor has a certified environmental management system and a dedicated environmental health and safety team.    
IDB Invest intends to hire an independent environmental and social consultant to assist the ESDD process performing the following tasks: a) evaluate the integrated environmental, social, health and safety management system for the expansion’s activities and operation of the port; b) conduct an impact study on artisanal fishing with associated mitigation measures; and c) evaluate the resettlement process of approximately 51 families formerly located near the project site for adherence to best practice. 
During the ESDD IDB Invest and the consultant will visit the site and further assess the Project’s environmental, health and safety management performance, including plans and procedures, review the main Project facilities, verify the extent of public consultation, assess baseline information pertaining to key environmental and social concerns, meet with affected groups and communities, and evaluate the social and labor issues related to the Project. 
An Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) will be prepared and posted on the IDB Invest’s website once the ESDD process is concluded.

Environmental Impact Assessments: 
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For inquiries about the Project, contact
Client Contact name: Christiano José de Anhaia Pereira
Title: Safety and Environmental Supervisor
Phone number: +55 (47) 9 9650-8687 / +55 (47) 3443-8517
email address:
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