Requirements to participate in GREENPYME

The eligibility criteria of the GREENPYME Program will apply to any company that wants to participate in a Program activity, such as the training workshops and the energy audits. The criteria are as follows:

  • THave a minimum energy consumption of 60,000 kWh/year (with an average of 5,000 kWh/month), or the equivalent use of fuel;
  • If energy consumption information is not available at the time of the audit, annual energy expenditure can be considered. Annual energy expenditure should be a minimum of US$15,000/year;
  • Annual sales revenue of no more than US$25 million; (*)
  • Assets volume of no more than US$25 million. (*)
  • Be a national company registered in the country (multinational companies are not eligible).
  • Does not carry out activities described in the IIC List of Excluded Activities.

(*) 10 percent of the companies audited for the Program may have annual sales and/or financial assets of between US$25 million and US$35 million.

When identifying eligible enterprises, all proposals received will be individually considered, but priority will be given to the following industries:

  • Industrial manufacturing: (plastics, metallurgy, and textiles);
  • Agriculture and food production industries (since it is a dynamic sector in the regional economy);
  • Large buildings: hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.;
  • Exports companies (good candidates owing to their high volumes); and
  • Services sector is low priority since it has fewer savings opportunities.