BASE Forum

The BASE Forum is the leading platform in the region for discussing how to do business differently. Every two years this IDB Group’s event gathers companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and government representatives to share lessons learned and discuss how to continue innovating with profitable business models that improve the quality of life of the people at the base of the pyramid. The Forum seeks to be a driver of ideas, a space to strengthen networks, and a stage for sharing new insights on the base of the pyramid market. It is held every two years, convening more than 1,000 leading companies, financial institutions, impact investors, opinion leaders, media, academics and others to share lessons learned, challenges and to strengthen the network of those who believe in the potential of this business field. 

Why the BASE Forum?

More than 10 years ago, C. K. Prahalad introduced the concept of the base of the pyramid and encouraged the private sector to rethink its way of doing business with this enormous potential market. This strategist and innovator identified the tremendous business and development opportunity in engaging low-income populations around the world. Today, large companies and entrepreneurs are serving this segment of the population with positive results worldwide, including Latin America and the Caribbean.
More than 400 million people in the region —approximately 70 percent of the population— earn less than $10 a day and are considered to be living at the base of the pyramid. Their needs in terms of access to education, health, financial services, housing, information and communication technologies, and many other services are underserved by markets. Yet, the base of the pyramid represents an annual market of more than $750 billion, which represents a significant business opportunity for companies interested in serving low-income populations.

What to expect from the BASE Forum?

Participants learn directly from those who formulate and implement business models that today serve the base of the pyramid in a profitable manner. There are also be panels on which impact investors, government officials, and accelerators share their insights on specific topics such as marketing, distribution platforms, the role of the public sector, the power of connectivity and mom and pop shops, among others. Explore past agendas and summaries to learn more.


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