How to Apply for Financing

Projects must meet certain criteria to qualify for IIC financing, including:

  • Originate in the private sector, including state-owned enterprises
  • Take place in an IIC regional member country and contribute to its development
  • Show financial viability and profitability
  • Provide audited financial statements
  • Comply with IIC’s environmental and social safeguards standards, and corporate governance policies

For more information on how we do business, check out the transaction cycle, or send us your questions to:


Ready to Apply?

If you meet the above criteria and are ready to proceed with your request, click below.

Business proposals should contain the following preliminary information:

  1. Company information. Information on company owners and shareholders, related or affiliated companies, a brief company history, annual sales, co-borrowers and/ guarantors, and curricula vitae of main executives.
  2. In-depth description of the project and purpose of the loan. Includes a description of the project and its objectives, estimated total project cost and requested loan amount, term in years and grace period (if applicable) and an estimated timetable for the project preparation and completion.
  3. Market information. Describe the company’s main products or services, main suppliers, its most significant customers and competitors and its experience in the sector with relevant milestones.

After completing this preliminary form, you will be notified whether your project is eligible for IIC funding. Shall we require further details to evaluate your application, one of our investment officers will contact you directly.

Thank you for considering the IIC as your preferred financing partner!