Liquidity - The story of two small businesses in Chile

Since 2004, the IIC has placed more than US$70 million in funding with Chilean financial institutions for factoring transactions benefiting more than 3,200 businesses.

A Guatemalan businesswoman takes on the world

In 2010, the IIC began helping Cooperativa Esquipulas sell its coffee abroad with the support of the Italian Technical Cooperation Fund.

Welcome to InvestAmericas

InvestAmericas is a collaborative community that connects companies in Latin America and the Caribbean that need funding with local and international investors.


Companies need more than just financing for sustainable growth: They also need technical assistance to deal with the many challenges that hinder their ability to compete in open markets, including

IIC 30 years

30 years of experience | $5.6 billion in loan and equity investments | 920 projects | Advisory services for 10,000 companies.

Introducing the FINPYME App

The FINPYME app provides you with the advice you need to optimize your business and reach your goals.

The Lares Trail, a Cultural Journey

In 2013, Mountain Lodges of Peru received a loan of US$3 million from the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC). It used the money to build mountain lodges under a pioneering tourism model de

Corporate Governance Symposium offered by the IIC

Corporate governance consists of the structures and processes used to control and manage a company.