IIC Will Support The Expansion And Financial Restructuring Of An Industrial Park In Honduras


Funding from the IIC to support a key industry WASHINGTON, D.C. — On January 27, 2000 the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) approved a $7.5 million loan to Zona Industrial de Exportación Buena Vista, S.A. ("Zip Buena Vista"), an industrial park in the town of Villanueva. The project involves expanding Zip Buena Vista by building seven new industrial shells for lease, a parking lot for eighty containers, an additional well, and a water storage tank.

The IIC loan will also enable Zip Buena Vista to invest in improving the environmental conditions of the park–specifically, to expand the existing sewage treatment facility, install two solid waste incinerators, and purchase trash collection equipment.

The funding from the IIC is expected to help generate $20.0 million in foreign exchange during the first ten years of operations. It is also expected that the project will create 5,400 jobs, and indirectly generate approximately $22.1 million per year in added value from the companies that lease the new shells.

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