IIC trains consultants in family business governance


Event is part of a regional IIC initiative co-sponsored by the Governments of Spain and Korea

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - From March 28 to April 2, 2011, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, will hold a workshop for consultants specializing in family business. The workshop will offer consultants from Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic the opportunity to deepen their understanding of family business governance. This training will help them to reach new clients and address the needs of family businesses that seek their services.

The purpose of the workshop is to develop consultants' capacity to provide specialized corporate governance services to local businesses. This is part of the IIC's strategy to increase the availability of family business governance consulting services in the region. The workshop is made possible thanks to the financial support of Spain and the Republic of Korea through their respective trust funds with the IIC.

Over five-and-a-half days, the workshop will cover the three principal challenges that family-owned businesses face: developing business ownership responsibly and jointly, preparing for succession, and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit. Special attention will be given to the relationship between consultants and family businesses, addressing various methodologies and approaches to managing this relationship.

Twenty-six professionals from Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic will participate in the workshop, 14 of whom have received assistance from the IIC to cover registration, travel, and per diem expenses.

The workshop will be run by Fundación NEXIA, a leading provider of training courses for consultants. Fundación NEXIA has successfully organized similar workshops in Spain for a number of years, and this will be its first workshop in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

According to Michael Apel, Senior IIC Trust Fund and Technical Assistance Officer, "It has been a very pleasant surprise for us to see such high demand for these kinds of workshops. The number of applications we received is double the number of spaces available for the workshop, which is a clear sign of the need for these kinds of initiatives. Family enterprises have an enormous presence in the region, and we hope that this training will serve to increase the availability of services and knowledge in order to strengthen their longetivity and help them grow into the future."

About the IIC

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