IIC Renews Financial Support for Mexico's Agricultural Sector


Local Currency Financing to Benefit at Least 750 Small Producers

Washington, D.C. — On October 25, 2011, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) approved a loan of up to MX$62.5 million to Almacenadora Mercader, S.A. (ALMER).

This operation, the IIC's fifth with ALMER and the first in Mexican pesos, is a renewal of existing financing to support the company's grain (mainly white corn) purchase and storage program and to step up wheat and sorghum purchases from small grain producers. ALMER will continue using funding from the IIC to provide financing to approximately 750 small producers by either purchasing their production with an option to repurchase, or warehousing their product until it is sold.

According to IIC investment officer Mónica Navarrete: "With this loan, the IIC is supporting SMEs in the Mexican agricultural sector. By extending financing in Mexican pesos, the IIC is helping ALMER lower its exchange rate risk. Our first operation with ALMER, dating back to 2000, was so innovative in Mexico that other financial institutions have replicated it; it is now one of the main mechanisms for financing the warehousing sector in the country."


ALMER, established in July 1998, is the largest bonded warehouse in Mexico. As of September 2011, ALMER directly operates ten warehouse complexes, rents another six, and licenses 452 smaller ones. It also has a railroad grain terminal and other transportation infrastructure. For more information visit www.almer.com.mx

About the IIC

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