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Awards headline IFERA Americas research forum

Bogotá, Colombia - From March 23 to 26, 2011, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) will sponsor the IFERA Americas Family Business Forum, which will be held at the INALDE Management and Business School. The IIC will sponsor the awards for best research papers in English and in Spanish. This sponsorship is made possible thanks to the Spanish General Cooperation Fund at the Inter-American Development Bank. The event marks the first annual conference in Latin America for IFERA, a leading family business research network.

The purposes of the forum are sharing the latest research advances in the field, learning about best practices in family business management, conceptualizing theoretical frameworks for better understanding family businesses, and exploring policy initiatives that recognize their relevance to the economy. Each attendee will have the opportunity to design an individualized program on issues including family, capital, business, and entrepreneurial strategy and succession. The four-day meeting will feature internationally-renowned family business researchers. More than one hundred researchers submitted their latest papers for the IFERA Forum (for more information, see www.ifera.inalde.edu.co)

The IFERA Forum will be even more significant because INALDE is holding a Family Business Day on March 26. One hundred and twenty entrepreneurs will participate in the event, which is designed especially for multi-generation family business owners and managers. Professors from Spain, the United States, Cyprus, Finland, China, and Colombia will attend, including Panikkos Poutziouris, one of the field’s most influential academics and current IFERA President, and Miguel Ángel Gallo of IESE, Universidad de Navarra, Spain, one of the world’s foremost voices on family business research.

The IIC actively promotes improvements in business governance through workshops targeting SMEs and specialized consultants. According to Jorge Roldán, chief of the IIC's Technical Assistance and Strategic Partnerships Division, "It is very important for us to support the development of knowledge and draw attention to research in the family business field. This forum will enable emerging researchers in Latin America to meet their peers from other parts of the world, share experiences, and learn best practices in the field."

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