IIC partnership with the Turin Chamber of Commerce grows stronger


IIC, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, and CEIPIEMONTE host conference highlighting business opportunities in Latin American markets

Turin, Italy — On October 18, 2011, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), in partnership with the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the Piedmont agency for investments, export, and tourism CEIPIEMONTE, hosted a conference on business opportunities in Latin American markets.

The President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Alessandro Barberis, underscored the vast potential of Latin America as a recipient of Italian know-how and technology. He invited the participants to take advantage of the good economic environment that currently exists in the region.

IIC General Manager Jacques Rogozinski emphasized the benefits of the Italian business model, noting that "many small and medium-size companies increase their competitiveness by working together in partnerships." He went on to note that the model "could be replicated in Latin America and the Caribbean," and that "The partnership with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, now entering its fourth year, seeks to do precisely that."

Alessandro Capo, International Sales Manager of Sea Marconi Technologies, and Andrea Chiavassa, a business developer for Urmet Citofoni, a leading company in telecommunications and security industry, presented examples of successful business opportunities involving Italian and Latin American companies. Mr. Capo observed that "The IIC has played a critical role in providing strategic support and advice, along with Simest, on identifying the financial tools needed to invest in Brazil."

Giovanni Pischedda of the Turin Chamber of Commerce explained the support his organization provides Italian companies seeking to enter international markets, and Antonello Bove of the IIC’s Italian Development Program discussed opportunities for direct investment, joint ventures, and technology transfers from Italian companies to small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Participants of the conference benefited from a review of macroeconomic prospects in the region and learned about the specific opportunities offered by Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. Presentations were made by Jorge Roldán, Chief of the IIC’s Division of Technical Assistance and Strategic Partnerships; Arturo Mendicuti Narro, President of the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce; Alberico Peyron, Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce; Ambrosio Bertolotti, President of the Ibero-American Association of Chambers of Commerce; and Alfonso Díaz, Director of the technological district of Cartagena, Colombia.

A day earlier, the IIC’s General Manager and the President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce in Mexico signed an agreement to increase by €25,000 the partnership established between the two institutions in 2009. The agreement provides for increased cooperation and the identification of business opportunities between companies of the Piedmont region and companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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