IIC and Banco de América Central team up to promote corporate governance in family businesses


The workshop is part of the IIC’s FINPYME ExportPlus program, supported by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Guatemala City, Guatemala – On February 9 and 10, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, with the support of the American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala (AMCHAM) and Banco Citibank de Guatemala, S.A., will organize a FINPYME ExportPlus workshop on Exporting to the United States.

The workshop seeks to provide information and training to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs on the processes and formalities involved in exporting products to the United States. The topics to be covered include minimizing risks in the export process and entry into the United States market, how to do business with the United States, financial tools, and contractual terms, as well as success stories. This is the IIC’s ninth FINPYME ExportPlus workshop in Guatemala.

According to Jorge Roldán, IIC Technical Assistance and Strategic Partnerships Division Chief, "Thanks to the support of our donors and strategic partners, we are providing nonfinancial, value-added services to small and medium-sized enterprises that seek to become more competitive and improve their prospects of participating in the global economy. Specifically, we are helping them to access the United States market, which offers comparative and competitive advantages. Guatemala’s model will serve as an example for expanding FINPYME ExportPlus to other countries in the region."

According to Carolina Castellanos, AMCHAM Executive Director, "FINPYME ExportPlus is an excellent training program that will enable small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to apply what they learn to their business projects. The Exporting to the United States workshop will also feature information about opportunities for taking advantage of the CAFTA-DR agreement to enter markets such as the United States."

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