Funding From IIC Will Continue To Support The Honduran Economic System


The IIC's funding will provide medium and long-term financing in Honduras WASHINGTON, D.C. — On December 15, 1999, the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) approved a $4 million loan to Banco Financiera Centroamericana, S.A. (FICENSA) in Honduras. The funding will provide financing to small and medium-size Honduran enterprises.

Through this operation, the IIC will provide support to Honduran small and medium-size enterprises. By the availability of long-term funds for project lending, FICENSA will be able to help finance the reconstruction of the private sector after the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch.

The project is expected to create approximately 450 jobs, generate $8 million in foreign exchange each year, and contribute $30 million per year to Honduras’ GDP.

Contact: Jean Philippe Prosper

Telephone: (202) 623-3959