Are you an entrepreneur who has been wondering how you can reduce your company’s energy costs?

GREENPYME could be the answer. GREENPYME is the IIC’s innovative energy efficiency program designed to provide the expertise, tools, as well as the technological and financial support your company needs to implement energy efficiency measures.

GREENPYME can help your company become more competitive in today’s resource-scarce business environment and set it apart from the competition. Unlike similar programs, GREENPYME takes a bottom-up approach, providing SMEs with information on energy efficiency opportunities, building local capacity, and helping to channel financing to SMEs looking to improve their energy efficiency.

GREENPYME can help your company institute energy efficiency measures and incorporate high-performance technology into its production processes. By taking advantage of the GREENPYME program, your company should be able to increase its productivity while doing its part to help the environment.

If your company is looking to increase its competitive advantage and become less dependent on fluctuating energy prices, why not get started right away?

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