What GREENPYME offers

To accomplish our primary objective—improve competitiveness of SMEs by promoting effective energy efficiency at their facilities—GREENPYME offers a number of kinds of technical assistance:

Training workshops

To confront the lack of information among SMEs, GREENPYME provides training on energy efficiency issues in each of its target countries. Our training activities are adapted to the specific needs of SMEs and the structure and context of each country. GREENPYME workshops not only provide SMEs with the tools they need to analyze, direct, and implement energy efficiency measures, but also help SMEs access adequate financing mechanisms. Through GREENPYME, SMEs have the opportunity to receive important information on energy efficiency at no cost. Through the workshops, SMEs can learn about the energy problems in their countries; the main opportunities offered by energy efficiency; and the obstacles that prevent them from improving energy efficiency along with the best ways to overcome those obstacles. Most importantly, not only do they receive practical information, they are provided with information that can help them find financing alternatives for investing in energy efficiency.

The GREENPYME Program is also developing training workshops for local financial entities interested in offering financing for energy efficiency projects. The content of these seminars is aimed at helping these financial entities understand the business opportunities in the energy efficiency sector from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. Loan officers are trained to identify risks and to interpret and analyze energy audits, giving them an incentive to finance energy savings projects. In the same way, the idea is to educate loan managers on the importance of developing “green” financing mechanisms and helping them with marketing these financial products, as well as teaching their clients of the benefits of energy savings projects.

Energy audits

Although many SMES do not see energy efficiency as important, energy expenditure can account for a significant portion of their general costs. Energy audits are an important first step toward considerably reducing energy costs. SMEs that go through a GREENPYME energy audit receive an expert evaluation of the energy use of their factories, machinery, buildings, or offices. Experts analyze the components of a business’s facilities and identify possible energy leaks. The results of these energy audits do not necessarily point to large investments. Frequently they find that some very simple and cost-free measures can reduce energy costs through implementation of best practices. For more information on the advantages of an energy audit, click here Energy Audit Program.

Access to Financing

Investing in energy efficiency measures and offering related products are areas that are becoming ever more important for commercial banks in Latin America and the Caribbean. Until now, SMEs who have undergone an energy audit have subsequently had problems obtaining the proper financing. To overcome this obstacle, GREENPYME is seeking to partner with one of the leading local banks in each country to close the gap between the enterprises and local banks. GREENPYME is training these local financial entities to be more aware of the potential of energy efficiency projects. Cooperation agreements are being arranged in certain countries to facilitate access to financing for the SMEs that want to implement the recommendations found in the energy audit reports.