Success stories

Over the years, GREENPYME has:

  • Benefited more than 2,500 SMEs;
  • Completed more than 750 energy audits;
  • Held more than 50 training workshops;
  • Provided training grants to more than 250 professionals;
  • “It was a very positive experience that made it possible to identify and implement measures to achieve significant energy savings”

    Manufacturing company, Colombia

    Savings in excess of US$330,000 during the first year of implementation

  • “We are thrilled with the energy is always good to have a fresh perspective at the company”

    Hotel, Bolivia

    Annual savings in excess of 200.000 kWh

  • “I think that this support is a great help, since the audit allowed us to take stock of where we stand and learn how to improve to further our contribution to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions and it enabled us to more efficiently produce and save resources”

    Hotel, El Salvador

    A 10% reduction in energy costs

  • “Production doubled, therefore, improvements covered energy requirements, since consumption remained at practically the same level”

    Agrifood company, Costa Rica

    Savings in excess of US$7.800 per year through a simple investment of US$500