Corporate Governance for Family Businesses

Only 3% of the world's family businesses survive to the fourth generation.*

Propiedad Familia Empresa

Often for these kinds of businesses, the roles of family members, shareholders, and members of management overlap. This leads to a lack of clear boundaries and structures defining the relationships between stakeholders, which can lead to conflicts that affect the well-being of the family and the company.

Establishing and formalizing structures and governance processes that regulate these relationships is essential for the strength and durability of these businesses.






*Family Business in Transition: Data and Analysis Part 1 (of 3). Family Business Institute, 2007.

"I greatly enjoyed interacting with other Latin American business families and hearing about their experiences. This led me to reflect on what we’re doing in our business when it comes to governance."

Roberto Murchinson
Chairman of Grupo Murchison, ARGENTINA