IIC Actions

Through its corporate governance program, the IIC promotes SME sustainability and offers real support for improving their access to financing. The program includes:

Support to loans and equity investments:

It starts with the IIC's analysis of the corporate governance of companies that are assessed before receiving a loan or an investment. This analysis is carried out using the tools shared among the institutions that are signatories of the Corporate Governance Development Framework. after carrying out the analysis, the IIC prepares an improvement plan that becomes an integral part of the financing operation.

Direct advisory services (direct technical assistance):

Through its FINPYME Family Business program, the IIC provides direct support to its customers for designing and implementing structures and processes to raise their corporate governance standards. This initiative is funded in large part by the IIC through its trust funds, especially the fund that was established with the support of the government of the Republic of Korea. The IIC provides direct advisory support to all types of clients, including financial institutions, family businesses and small non-family businesses.

Collaboration with other institutions in the region:

This work has played a central role in the effort carried out to raise awareness about the importance of promoting sound corporate governance practices. The IIC collaborates with institutes, academic centers and development finance institutions in Latin America to promote capacity building, collaborate in the development of knowledge products and advance the conversation about corporate governance on a regional level.

Nominee directorships:

In select cases of equity investments, the IIC appoints directors to participate on the boards and committees of its client companies. Promoting their sustainable development through the nomination of individuals with extensive experience in strategic leadership, this initiative represents an opportunity to add value to the project through enriching the composition of the board.