By assisting financial institutions to put in place innovative, inclusive lending models and tailored financial products and services that support women’s businesses growth, women entreprenerushipBanking (weB) aims to improve access to financing by women-led businesses in the region through a combination of technical assistance, debt financing, and risk sharing mechanisms.

The IIC is currently building upon the lessons learned during the first phase of weB and will incorporate a related IIC offering, FINPYME Mujer Empresaria, which conducted diagnostic reviews of women-owned companies and provided them with an objective analysis of their current competitive position.


Companies that offer equal opportunities to female and male employees are more successful in attracting and retaining the best talent, having new clients and potentially new investors. They are also more innovative and productive, which result in better financial performance.

One way in which companies can signal that they are active in gender equity is by obtaining a gender certification. With the IIC’s technical expertise and support, clients are able to obtain their gender certification and develop corporate strategies to successfully embark on their path towards gender balance.


Companies face challenges in their daily operations that directly affect the success, competitiveness and financial performance of businesses. Factors such as labor retention, service delivery and supply chain diversity are highly dependent on understanding gender inclusion.

Through tailored gender appraisals we can bridge investments in gender equity into corporate strategies which understand and prioritize inclusion, equality and women’s economic empowerment. Therefore the IIC partners with clients to identify assess and leverage gender-inclusive opportunities in areas such as new product and service development, talent management and value chain diversity.

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