Small and Medium sized companies have significantly less opportunities than large companies to find international business partners. By providing a space where foreign companies and Latin American and Caribbean companies can meet and discuss opportunities for joint ventures, while sharing knowledge to support the establishment and development of joint venture operations is the rationale behind the Finpyme’s B2B program.


Going global provides key opportunities such as growth of sales and reduction of the dependence on local market. Access to foreign markets can be complex and dynamic. Prior to exporting, SMEs must gain an important knowledge foundation for understanding their targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, as well as the requirements to successfully launch their export initiative.

The mission of Finpyme Export Plus is to disseminate cutting-edge knowledge and to provide tailor-made capacity-building on the key issues that will enable SME’s in Latin America and the Caribbean to both comply with international standards and realize their internationalization strategies.


Family businesses represent a significant percentage of the gross domestic product of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. By providing tools aimed at facilitating decision making and strategic planning at the company, within the context of a family and in relation to company ownership issues, the IIC contributes to ensuring the continuity and longevity of family-owned businesses.

The program organizes workshops, trains consultants in Latin America and the Caribbean, promotes research on governance, and offers individualized technical assistance to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to provide them with solutions for sound corporate governance practices that are tailor-made to their needs and challenges.


A vast number of companies in the Latin American and Caribbean region operate below their potential due to their limited access to knowledge.  Furthermore, they don’t have access to adequate financing because they lack minimum requirements needed to obtain financing.

IIC's direct technical assistance (DTA) provides a broad assortment of advisory services to IIC's existing and potential client companies to improve their overall competitiveness and sustainability.


Companies and society both benefit when corporate practices improve competitiveness and address community needs. When social goals are built into the very structure of a business, they are more likely to be sustained over time. By partnering with clients and identifying investments that simultaneously increase financial returns and deliver social impact, we can create significant value to the business and the community where it operates.

Therefore, through Shared Value appraisals, we provide in-depth cost-benefit analyses for the identified investments, and offer in-house specialists trained to prepare investment plans so companies can continue to grow.

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