By providing direct technical assistance in cooperation with financial institutions and partners at the local level, we can lower SMEs energy consumption and in this way also mitigate climate change in the long term. Therefore we organize training and awareness-raising workshops for business owners and financial institutions. We also conduct energy audits, and provide incentives for investing in energy matrix changes, all through our GREENPYME program.


To reduce  energy costs and lower GHG emissions, the IIC partners with donors to provide private sector clients in the region a strategic analysis of the company’s energy consumption through in-depth energy audits and investment grade engineering appraisals for energy efficiency and self-supply renewable energy investments. These appraisals include cost-benefit analysis and estimated rates of return of potential investments to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. These benefits are available to sectors such as agribusiness, commercial real estate, industrial plants, airports, hotels, municipalities, public services, universities and hospitals among others.


Through its Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Appraisal, the IIC works with clients to identify which ecosystem services are most relevant to their business and how investments can maximize environmental and financial returns. The Appraisals can analyze the costs and benefits of different investment scenarios to support clients as they consider green investments.

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