Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
NI3101A-01: Financiera ProCredit Nicaragua S.A. Financial Services Nicaragua 10/29/2004 12/01/2004
EC3099A-01: Banco ProCredit Ecuador S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 10/29/2004 12/01/2004
BO3102A-01: Caja Los Andes S.A. F.F.P. Financial Services Bolivia 10/29/2004 12/01/2004
GY3162A-01: DFLSA Financial Services Guyana 10/18/2004 11/17/2004
BO3178A-01: Fondo Financiero Privado Prodem S.A. (PRODEM) Financial Services Bolivia 10/15/2004 11/17/2004
ES1022B-01: FEPADE II Education El Salvador 10/15/2004 11/17/2004
UR2391A-01: SAMAN Agricultural Products Uruguay 10/04/2004 11/03/2004
EC1007B-01: Ecuaplantation II Agricultural Products Ecuador 10/01/2004 11/03/2004
RC3145A-01: BAC Regional Financial Services 09/27/2004 10/27/2004
AR3148A-01: Project Cofinancing Program with Banco de Inversiones y Comercio Exterior (BICE) Financial Services Argentina 09/22/2004 10/27/2004
CO3160A-01: COMFAMA Financial Services Colombia 09/14/2004 10/20/2004
BR2058A-01: Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A. Financial Services Brazil 09/10/2004 10/13/2004
NI1040B-01: Café Soluble, S.A. II ("CSSA") Agricultural Products Nicaragua 09/10/2004 10/13/2004
ME3170A-01: Cablemás S.A. de C.V. Information, Communications, and Technology Mexico 08/27/2004 10/13/2004
NI3005A-01: Findesa Financial Services Nicaragua 08/13/2004 09/22/2004
CR3041A-01: BAC San José, S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 08/13/2004 09/22/2004
UR2384A-01: Fanapel Wood, Pulp, and Paper Uruguay 06/28/2004 08/04/2004
HO2675A-01: Microenvases ("Microenvases" or "the Company") General Manufacturing Honduras 05/28/2004 06/30/2004
CH2962A-01: FactorLine S.A Financial Services Chile 03/26/2004 04/28/2004
BR1131A-01: BicBanco, S.A. Financial Services Brazil 03/26/2004 04/28/2004