Project Disclosures

Project Name Sectorsort descending Country Date Posted Expected Approval Date
PR3098A-03: Agrofértil III Agricultural Products Paraguay 07/06/2010 08/31/2010
ME3453A-03: ALMER Agricultural Products Mexico 04/01/2010 05/04/2010
JA3363A-01: Golden Grove Sugar Company Agricultural Products Jamaica 10/05/2009 11/10/2009
ME4032A-01: Stendhal Health Services and Supplies Mexico 11/01/2013 12/03/2013
CO3944A-01: Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar Health Services and Supplies Colombia 05/16/2014 06/24/2014
ME1138A-01: Hospital ABC Health Services and Supplies Mexico 03/03/2000 04/13/2000
CO3973A-01: Prodiagnóstico Health Services and Supplies Colombia 11/11/2013 12/11/2013
ME3449A-01: Hospital ABC Health Services and Supplies Mexico 01/13/2006 02/21/2006
ME3892A-01: Hospital Alcalde Health Services and Supplies Mexico 05/14/2010 06/15/2010
ME3966A-02: VINTE II Distribution and Retail Mexico 05/24/2013 07/02/2013
NI3871A-01: Munkel Distribution and Retail Nicaragua 04/10/2013 05/14/2013
EC3851A-02: Comohogar II Distribution and Retail Ecuador 06/05/2012 07/17/2012
PE3933A-01: La Curacao-TASA Distribution and Retail Peru 09/06/2012 10/09/2012
EC3851A-01: COMOHOGAR Distribution and Retail Ecuador 02/15/2008 03/18/2008
ME4022A-01: PROCSA Distribution and Retail Mexico 05/03/2013 06/04/2013
NI3838A-02: Casa Pellas II Distribution and Retail Nicaragua 06/19/2013 07/23/2013
CR3998A-01: Continex Representaciones S.A. Distribution and Retail Costa Rica 06/19/2015 07/21/2015
NI1017A-02: Café Soluble, S.A. Food and Beverages Nicaragua 04/02/2009 05/05/2009
PR3572A-01: Bebidas del Paraguay S.A. Food and Beverages Paraguay 03/16/2007 04/17/2007
AR3642A-02: Molino Cañuelas II Food and Beverages Argentina 08/06/2009 09/08/2009