Project Disclosures

Project Name Sectorsort descending Country Date Posted Expected Approval Date
ME3886A-03: Edilar III Education México 05/10/2013 06/11/2013
12037-01: Warehousing Line and Partial Credit Guarantee for EDILAR Securitization Education Mexico 01/11/2018 02/22/2018
CR3838A-03: Financiera CAFSA, S.A. and Arrendadora CAFSA, S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 06/12/2012 07/13/2012
NI1046B-01: Banco de Finanzas Financial Services Nicaragua 10/27/2005 11/29/2005
BA1013A-01: Caribbean Financial Services Corporation (CFSC) Financial Services Barbados 09/08/2003 11/19/2003
NI3860A-01: Financiera FINCA Nicaragua, S.A. (“FINCA”) Financial Services Nicaragua 10/19/2012 11/30/2012
UR3798A-01: Microfin Uruguay Financial Services Uruguay 05/30/2008 07/01/2008
ME3739A-01: Monex Financiera S.A. de C.V. Financial Services Mexico 08/03/2006 06/06/2006
PN3758A-02: Banco Aliado S.A. Financial Services Panama 04/05/2013 05/06/2013
ES3374A-01: Garantías y Servicios SGR, S.A. Financial Services El Salvador 09/19/2008 10/21/2008
BR3373A-02: Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A. Financial Services Brazil 10/06/2006 11/07/2006
CO1095A-01: Banco de Bogotá, S.A. Financial Services Colombia 11/14/2002 12/11/2002
NI3893A-01: BAC NICARAGUA Financial Services Nicaragua 04/17/2015 05/19/2015
EC3622A-03: Banco Bolivariano Financial Services Ecuador 06/20/2013 07/23/2013
EC3099A-04: Banco ProCredit S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 08/18/2011 09/19/2011
PE3893A-01: Leasing Total, S.A. Financial Services Peru 03/12/2010 04/13/2010
NI1046B-02: Banco de Finanzas II Financial Services Nicaragua 04/20/2007 05/22/2007
EC3099A-03: Banco ProCredit S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 08/28/2009 09/29/2009
CH2962A-02: FactorLine S.A Financial Services Chile 08/17/2007 09/18/2007
BR1102A-01: SFI-Serviços Financeiros Imobiliários Ltda. Financial Services Brazil 07/06/2000 08/29/2000