Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
AR3897A-02: Profertil S.A. Construction, Materials, and Fixtures Argentina 04/20/2011 06/21/2011
RC3222A-01: GMG Holding S.A. Services 04/07/2011 05/10/2011
CO3807A-04: Banco GNB Sudameris S.A. Financial Services Colombia 03/25/2011 04/26/2011
CH3751A-02: Factotal S.A. Financial Services Chile 03/11/2011 04/11/2011
CH3864A-01: Cooperativa del Personal de la Universidad de Chile (COOPEUCH) Financial Services Chile 03/11/2011 04/12/2011
CO3921A-01: Desler S.A. Utilities Colombia 03/09/2011 04/12/2011
BR3808A-01: Desler S.A. Utilities Brazil 03/09/2011 04/12/2011
EC3874A-01: Genser Power Utilities Ecuador 02/18/2011 03/22/2011
CH3831A-02: Trans Antartic II Aquaculture and Fisheries Chile 02/18/2011 03/22/2011
CH3869A-01: Patagoniafresh Food and Beverages Chile 02/18/2011 03/22/2011
EC3877A-01: Banco del Austro S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 02/07/2011 03/15/2011
HA2748A-01: Haiti Telecom Ventures LLC (HTV) Information, Communications, and Technology Haiti 02/04/2011 03/08/2011
ME3899A-01: Evercore I Investment Funds Mexico 02/02/2011 03/08/2011
NI3841A-01: La Fe / San Martín Wind Farm Utilities Nicaragua 02/02/2011 03/08/2011
AR3906A-01: Viluco S.A. Agricultural Products Argentina 01/25/2011 03/08/2011
PE3897A-01: BEMBOS S.A.C. Food and Beverages Peru 01/07/2011 02/08/2011
PE3919A-01: Program for Funding Microfinance Institutions in Peru (IMIF Program) Financial Services Peru 12/13/2010 01/18/2011
ME3916A-01: Constructoras ICA, S.A. de C.V. Services Mexico 11/15/2010 12/15/2010
PE3900A-01: Cartones Villa Marina S.A. (CARVIMSA) Wood, Pulp, and Paper Peru 11/15/2010 12/15/2010
PE3907A-01: Envases Los Pinos S.A.C. (EPINSA) General Manufacturing Peru 11/15/2010 12/15/2010