Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Postedsort ascending Expected Approval Date
JA3383A-01: Marlin Jam (GB Group) Oil, Gas, and Mining Jamaica 09/13/2012 10/16/2012
PE3933A-01: La Curacao-TASA Distribution and Retail Peru 09/06/2012 10/09/2012
NI1046A-03: Banco de Finanzas, S.A. Financial Services Nicaragua 08/24/2012 09/24/2012
ME3976A-01: Corporación Financiera de Occidente S.A. de C.V. SOFOL (“Finox”) Financial Services Mexico 08/03/2012 09/04/2012
BR3771A-02: Wind Power Energia II Energy and Power Brazil 06/29/2012 07/31/2012
NI3831A-02: CrediFactor, S.A. Financial Services Nicaragua 06/27/2012 07/31/2012
EC3841A-02: Banco Pichincha C.A. Financial Services Ecuador 06/26/2012 07/26/2012
ME3973A-01: Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida (“GM4”) Hotels and Tourism Mexico 06/18/2012 07/24/2012
CR3838A-03: Financiera CAFSA, S.A. and Arrendadora CAFSA, S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 06/12/2012 07/13/2012
CH3881A-01: Transmisora Mejillones Utilities Chile 06/08/2012 07/10/2012
ME3969A-01: Arendal Services Mexico 06/07/2012 07/10/2012
EC3851A-02: Comohogar II Distribution and Retail Ecuador 06/05/2012 07/17/2012
PR3947A-01: CIABAY Fertilizers and Agricultural Services Paraguay 06/05/2012 07/10/2012
JA3388A-01: Seawind Key Investment Limited Hotels and Tourism Jamaica 06/01/2012 07/03/2012
PE3864A-02: Scotiabank Perú S.A.A. Financial Services Peru 05/30/2012 06/29/2012
CR3969A-01: Scotia Leasing Costa Rica, S.A. and Scotiabank de Costa Rica, S.A. Financial Services Costa Rica 05/25/2012 06/26/2012
PE3923A-01: Hiper Deporte S.A.C. Textiles, Apparel, and Leather Peru 05/18/2012 06/26/2012
EC3882A-01: Hidrosanbartolo S.A. Energy and Power Ecuador 05/11/2012 06/19/2012
PE1015A-03: Banco Santander III Financial Services Peru 04/27/2012 05/29/2012
BR1129A-07: Rabobank Brasil Financial Services Brazil 04/27/2012 05/29/2012