Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Posted Expected Approval Datesort ascending
CH3922A-01: El Olivo Energy and Power Chile 09/25/2015 10/27/2015
EC3902A-01: Hidrowarm S.A. Energy and Power Ecuador 09/25/2015 10/27/2015
CR4013A-01: Ati Capital Solutions S.A. Services Costa Rica 09/18/2015 10/20/2015
EC3914A-01: Banco Internacional S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 09/18/2015 10/20/2015
RG3885A-01: Portland Caribbean Fund II, L.P. Investment Funds 10/13/2015 10/13/2015
ES3427A-01: Avícola Campestre S.A. de C.V. Livestock and Poultry El Salvador 09/04/2015 10/05/2015
JA3388A-03: Seawind Key Investment Limited Hotels and Tourism Jamaica 08/27/2015 09/29/2015
EC3879A-02: Agripac S.A Fertilizers and Agricultural Services Ecuador 08/18/2015 09/22/2015
EC3879A-02: Agripac S.A Fertilizers and Agricultural Services Ecuador 08/18/2015 09/22/2015
PN3764A-02: Banistmo S.A. Financial Services Panama 07/30/2015 09/08/2015
ME4091A-01: Ecoblock International, S.A. de C.V. SOFOM ENR Construction, Materials, and Fixtures Mexico 07/09/2015 09/08/2015
ES3391A-02: Banco de América Central, S.A. Financial Services El Salvador 07/09/2015 09/01/2015
ME4087A-01: Milenium Construcasa, S.A. de C.V. Construction, Materials, and Fixtures Mexico 07/20/2015 08/28/2015
PE3951A-02 : Mountain Lodges of Perú S.A.C. Hotels and Tourism Peru 06/25/2015 07/28/2015
CR3998A-01: Continex Representaciones S.A. Distribution and Retail Costa Rica 06/19/2015 07/21/2015
CR3997A-01 : Almacenadora S.A. Services Costa Rica 06/19/2015 07/21/2015
PN3789A-01: Banisi Financial Services Panamá 06/12/2015 07/14/2015
CR3976A-02 : Mutual Cartago de Ahorro y Préstamo Financial Services Costa Rica 05/27/2015 07/14/2015
CO3985A-01: Banco Pichincha S.A. Financial Services Colombia 05/27/2015 06/30/2015
JA3351A-03: Jamaica Broilers Group Limited Livestock and Poultry Jamaica 05/28/2015 06/30/2015