Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Posted Expected Approval Datesort ascending
EC1045A-01: Banco Bolivariano C.A Financial Services Ecuador 09/26/2003 11/05/2003
CR1077A-01: Arrendadora Interfin Financial Services Costa Rica 09/26/2003 11/05/2003
UR1057A-01: Zonamerica S.A. Transportation and Logistics Uruguay 09/05/2003 10/01/2003
HO1042A-01: Caracol Knits, S.A. de C.V.(CARACOL KNITS II) Textiles, Apparel, and Leather Honduras 09/10/2003 10/01/2003
CH1093A-01: MILLAHUE Y TRALLAY Agricultural Products Chile 08/22/2003 09/24/2003
BO1076A-01: ORO NEGRO Oil, Gas, and Mining Bolivia 07/10/2003 08/06/2003
JA1041A-01: RBTT Bank Jamaica Limited Financial Services Jamaica 06/20/2003 07/30/2003
ME1151B-01: UNIVA II Education Mexico 06/20/2003 07/30/2003
BR1126A-01: Banco Safra S.A. Financial Services Brazil 06/13/2003 07/23/2003
EC1042A-01: Banco de la Producción, S.A. - Produbanco Financial Services Ecuador 06/20/2003 07/23/2003
ES1006B-01: SIGMA II General Manufacturing El Salvador 06/30/2003 06/25/2003
PE1116A-01: IQF del Perú Agricultural Products Peru 04/21/2003 05/21/2003
GU1046A-01: Tejas Cerámicas Mayas S.A. (MACEROTI) General Manufacturing Guatemala 01/16/2003 04/16/2003
BR1125A-01: Usina Maracaju S.A. Agricultural Products Brazil 10/31/2003 03/12/2003
RG1070A-01: Compañía Española de Financiación del Desarrollo S.A. (COFIDES) Financial Services 10/16/2002 03/05/2003
ME1161A-01: CII-NAFIN: Supply Chain Order Financing Financial Services Mexico 02/19/2003 03/05/2003
PN1016A-01: BANCO DEL ISTMO Financial Services Panama 02/07/2003 03/05/2003
CO1095A-01: Banco de Bogotá, S.A. Financial Services Colombia 11/14/2002 12/11/2002
DR1039A-01: ABCO S. A. General Manufacturing Dominican Republic 11/12/2002 12/04/2002
RG1080A-01: ProBa L.P., Central American Banking Growth Fund Investment Funds 10/21/2002 11/20/2002