Project Disclosures

Project Name Sector Country Date Posted Expected Approval Datesort ascending
BR3373A-02: Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A. Financial Services Brazil 10/06/2006 11/07/2006
CO1057B-01: Leonisa Textiles, Apparel, and Leather Colombia 09/20/2006 10/31/2006
BL3364A-01: Belize Co-Generation Energy Limited (Belcogen) Utilities Belize 09/19/2006 10/24/2006
CH3756A-01: Infodema S.A. Wood, Pulp, and Paper Chile 09/15/2006 10/17/2006
CR3838A-01: Cafsa Financial Services Costa Rica 09/08/2006 10/10/2006
ME3746A-01: MicroCred México S.A. de C.V. Financial Services Mexico 08/30/2006 10/03/2006
BR1131A-02: Banco Industrial e Comercial S.A. (BicBanco) Financial Services Brazil 08/22/2006 09/26/2006
BR1129A-03: Banco Rabobank International Brasil S.A. Financial Services Brazil 08/18/2006 09/19/2006
AR3642A-01: Molino Cañuelas Food and Beverages Argentina 08/11/2006 09/12/2006
EC3760A-01: Banco de Guayaquil S.A. Financial Services Ecuador 08/11/2006 09/12/2006
PR1041A-03: Banco Regional S.A. Financial Services Paraguay 06/30/2006 08/01/2006
EC3604A-01: Plásticos del Litoral Construction, Materials, and Fixtures Ecuador 06/15/2006 07/18/2006
EC3663A-01: Envases del Litoral General Manufacturing Ecuador 06/15/2006 07/18/2006
PR3755A-01: Bowfluvial Transportation and Logistics Paraguay 05/12/2006 06/13/2006
ME3739A-01: Monex Financiera S.A. de C.V. Financial Services Mexico 08/03/2006 06/06/2006
RG3547A-01: IIC-SIMEST Colending Program Financial Services 05/04/2006 06/06/2006
CH3735A-01: Eurocapital S.A. Financial Services Chile 04/28/2006 05/30/2006
AR1042B-01: Banco Río de la Plata S.A. Financial Services Argentina 04/21/2006 05/23/2006
AR3758A-01: Terminales Río de la Plata, S.A. Utilities Argentina 04/13/2006 05/16/2006
ME3740A-01: COMPARTAMOS Financial Services Mexico 04/12/2006 05/16/2006