IIC Approved A $4 Million Equity Investment In Negocios Regionales Fondo De Inversion Privado To Strengthen And Modernize Medium-Size Enterprises In Brazil, Argentina, Mexico And Other Countries In The Region

IIC Approves US$10 Million Equity Investment in Latin American Private Equity Fund II, L.P.

IIC Receives AA Rating From Standard & Poor's

Ecuadorean Aquaculture Project To Receive IIC Funding

IIC Approved A $3 Million Investment In Manufacturas Del Trópico, S.A, A Honduran Manufacturer Of Outdoor Casual Furniture

IIC Approved A $10 Million Loan To Banco Popular Dominicano And A $15 Million Agency Line To Provide Medium-And Long-Term Financing To Medium-Size Dominican Enterprises

Inter-American Investment Corporation Conducts Workshop to Promote Environmental Management Awareness

IIC Approves An Equity Investment In The Central America Growth Fund To Strengthen And Modernize Small And Medium Enterprises In Central America And Panama

IIC Provides Financing To Aid In The Development Of Export Activities In Costa Rica

IIC Signs Agreement With Brazilian Mortgages Companhia Hipotecária And Brazilian Securities Companhia De Securitização


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