Gender & Climate Change

Women and children make up the majority of the region’s rural and urban poor, and are those most vulnerable to climate change.

While female participation is high in key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, healthcare and education, women are often underrepresented or absent from decision-making in efforts to address climate change.

Investment in empowerment, knowledge transfer and capacity building of women, men and diverse ethnic groups is therefore essential to build inclusive and sustainable climate change strategies.

Canadian Climate Fund

Gender equality and empowerment continue to be development priorities for Canada and the IIC. By providing financing to the private sector to mitigate climate change effects in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Fund is:

  • Supporting projects that create better social and economic opportunities for men and women in the face of climate change
  • Ensuring the engagement of men and women as well as diverse ethnic groups in finding solutions
  • Foster socially inclusive capacity building and knowledge transfer


Case studies

Women in Engineering Women and Solar