Disclosure of Information Policy

The Board of Executive Directors of the Inter-American Investment Corporation approved the institution’s new Disclosure of Information Policy on October 11, 2005, which replaced the former policy approved on January 15, 1999. The Board’s approval followed a 90-day public consultation process. The new policy significantly expands the scope of information disclosed to the public and, for the first time, explicitly provides for the public disclosure of any information relating to the IIC and its activities in the absence of a compelling reason for confidentiality.

The IIC’s new policy reaffirms its commitment to transparency and accountability in all its activities. Documents prepared between January 15, 1999 and December 1, 2005, are governed by the previous policy (approved January 15, 1999). The new policy took effect on December 1, 2005.

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What the IIC Discloses

Institutional Information

Operational Information

Project Evaluation Reports

Financial Information

Budget Execution Reports:

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IIC Management and Staff

Management Biographies

Fraud and Corruption Reports

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Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM)

In March 2008, IIC Management assigned two staff members to observe and take part in the activities of an IDB interdepartmental working group charged with completing ongoing efforts to strengthen and revise the IDB mechanism.
The IIC’s role in the public consultation process for the new IDB Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM) was that of an observer. The IIC intends to bring a consistent mechanism reform proposal to its Board of Executive Directors that will allow the IIC to participate in the ICIM and reflect the results of the public consultation.

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