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Project Number: 
Expected Consideration Date by the Board: 
Date Posted: 
Orben Comunicaciones S.A.P.I. de C.V. (“Orben”)
Sponsoring Entity: 
Not applicable
Financing Requested: 
Loan of up to MX$26.0 million (equivalent to US$2 million)
Information, Communications, and Technology
Monterrey, Mexico
Scope Objective: 

The loan proceeds will be used for working capital and for purchasing telecommunications equipment.

Orben is a Mexican company based in Monterrey that provides managed information technology and communications services to private companies, SMEs, and government agencies.

Environmental Review: 

Environmental and Labor Issues:

This is a Category C project according to the IIC’s Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy because the environmental and social risks associated with the project—mainly the purchase of telecommunications equipment—are expected to be minimal.

Orben has a human resources department tasked with ensuring compliance with Mexican labor law and with Orben’s own personnel hiring and management procedures. Employees receive labor benefits that exceed those mandated by law, including scholarships for employees to pursue higher education and for their children to attend school. Orben has a committee made up of company and workforce representatives tasked with ensuring compliance with applicable occupational health and safety regulations. The company has a contingency plan drafted by an expert authorized by the state emergency response authority covering first aid, fire prevention, and firefighting procedures, as well as training. It also has fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, safety signage, and an evacuation route. All waste generated during the installation of the telecommunications equipment is disposed of by authorized companies. Orben’s corporate social responsibility practices involve supporting several nonprofit organizations.

Monitoring and Reporting:  During execution of the project with the IIC, Orben will submit yearly reports summarizing the company’s performance in terms of the environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and labor and social issues cited herein. The IIC will monitor compliance with its internal environmental and labor review guidelines throughout the project period through evaluations of annual monitoring reports submitted by the company and periodic field visits conducted as part of the project supervision process.