Sugar Manufacturer of Peruvian Grupo Costa del Sol’s to Build New Mill with IIC Support


Loan of up to US$3.65 million to Consorcio Azucarero S.A.C. will create up to 660 jobs during the growing and harvesting seasons

Washington, D.C., June 6, 2014 -- The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) has approved a loan of up to US$3.65 million for Peruvian sugar manufacturer Consorcio Azucarero S.A.C. (CASAC) that will finance the construction, development, and beginning of operations of a new sugar mill with the capacity to process 1,200 metric tons of sugar cane per day in Lambayeque province in northern Peru.

The sugar cane processed by the mill will be sourced from 26 small independent producers, and the light brown sugar produced will be sold on the regional market.

“With this long-term operation, the IIC supports the development of a new Peruvian enterprise in the agricultural sector that will create up to 660 new jobs for both women and men during the growing and harvesting seasons in rural Peru,” said Margarita García de Paredes, IIC lead investment officer in charge of the operation.

“With IIC support, we will provide the community with an opportunity for development with the same dedication, transparency, and commitment that has characterized all of our other enterprises,” said Rafael Barúa, central corporate manager (gerente central corporativo) of Grupo Costa del Sol, which owns CASAC. “The mill will begin operating in the fourth quarter of 2015, reaching full production capacity in June 2016.”

CASAC is owned by Peruvian conglomerate Grupo Costa del Sol, which operates in the agroindustry, aquaculture, hotel, and services industries. The group, which was founded in 1990, employs more than 6,800 people in its different lines of business and expects to bring in US$177 million in gross revenue this year. With this initiative, Grupo Costa del Sol opens up a new area of development that is expected to require US$11.62 million in investment.

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