Energy audit program

An energy audit makes it possible to analyze the efficiency of energy usage and—based on an energy analysis—identifies measures to achieve energy savings at the company.

GREENPYME offers direct technical assistance in the form of express audits and detailed energy audits for companies that wish to improve competitiveness through investment in energy efficiency.

The detailed energy audit specifically measures all the equipment at a company’s facilities and energy savings are meticulously calculated and quantified in financial terms. There are generally five main steps (pursuant to UNE 216501):

  • Analysis of the multiple sources of energy (electrical energy, fuel, self-generation, and others);
  • Analysis of the production process and its share of energy consumption and identification of the equipment that consumes the most energy);
  • Analysis of horizontal technologies and services (such as lighting; air-conditioning and ventilation equipment; production and distribution of hot and cold)
  • Measuring energy consumption (distribution of the organization’s energy consumption among its equipment, systems, operations, or other divisions);
  • Drafting of an energy audit report.

The basic audit is more succinct than the detailed audit since it comprises a visual inspection of the company facilities and even though it does not include an inventory of all the equipment nor a detailed analysis of processes, it can identify potential energy savings. This type of audit provides SMEs with a general idea of energy savings opportunities based on their operating equipment and maintenance equipment.

The gathering of data and measurements to produce estimates is much quicker for an express audit than for a detailed energy audit. For a basic audit, the energy auditor generally makes one or two visits to the audited entity and completes a tour of the facilities.

The report on the basic audit provides SMEs with a series of easy-to-implement measures to potentially reduce their energy expenditure and to be more energy efficient.