Corporate Governance Documents

This repository includes references to articles, books, and case studies for anyone interested in the subject of governance in family-owned businesses. The menu on the left enables filtering by type of document, language, and subject.

Title Document Language Document Type Year Publishedsort ascending Document Authors
Milionários Educam Filhos para Vida Portuguese Article 2015 Renato Bernhoeft
Letting Go, Stepping Up: Leadership in Transition English Article 2014 Chris Eckrich
Empresas Brasileiras Centenárias - Indicadores de Sucesso da Empresa Familiar Brasileira Portuguese Book 2014 Renato Bernhoef , Chris Martinez
Undiscussables - Dealing with the Elephants in Family Business English Article 2014 Deb Houden , Wendy Sage-Hayward
Para Herdar, tem que Estudar Portuguese Article 2014 Renato Bernhoeft
Getting Non-Operating Shareholders Appropriately Involved English Article 2014 Steve McLure
Emotional Ownership English Article 2014 Kent Rhodes , Dana Telford
Family business succession: Your Roadmap to Continuity English Book 2014 Kelly LeCouvie , Jennifer Pendergast
Creating a Culture of Accountability in Your Family Business English Article 2014 Mike Fassler
Empresa Familiar no Brasil: origens e perspectivas Portuguese Article 2014 Renato Bernhoeft
Effective Family Meetings: Create a Thinking Environment English Article 2013 Anne Hargrave
Ensina-me a Herdar Portuguese Article 2013 Renato Bernhoeft , Luciana Seabra , Danylo Martins
Achieving Balance: Individual Rights and Family Interests English Article 2013 Amy Schuman , David Lansky
Catherine Gomez and Dentalite English Case 2013 John Davis , Shirley Spence
Grupo RBS (A) English Case 2013 John Davis , Courtney Collette
Vínculos pelo Capital Portuguese Article 2013 Renato Bernhoeft
Overcoming the Inability to Change English Article 2013 Dana Telford
Cuidados na Venda de Empresa Familiar Portuguese Article 2012 Renato Bernhoeft
The Agnellis and Fiat: Family Business Governance in a Crisis English Case 2012 John Davis , Bernardo Beltoldi , Roberto Quaglia
A Family Council - A Renegotiation of Relationships English Article 2012 Christopher Eckrich , Stephen McClure