Corporate Governance Documents

This repository includes references to articles, books, and case studies for anyone interested in the subject of governance in family-owned businesses. The menu on the left enables filtering by type of document, language, and subject.

Title Document Language Document Typesort descending Year Published Document Authors
La Empresa Familiar por Dentro Spanish Book 1998 Ernesto Poza , Léon Denco
Cómo Trabajan Juntas las Familias en sus Empresas (Edición Española) Spanish Book 2005 Mary Whiteside , Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Beyond Survival: a business owner guide to success English Book 1975 Léon Danco
Empresa Familiar: Sucessão Profissionalizada ou Sobrevivência Comprometida Portuguese Book 1987 Renato Bernhoft
The Family Business: its governance for sustainability English Book 1998 Fred Neubauer , Alden Lank
Protocolos Familiares e Acordos de Acionistas - Ferramentas para a Continuidade da Empresa Familiar Portuguese Book 2009 Claudia Tondo
Centuries of Success: lessons from the world's most enduring family businesses English Book 2004 William T. O'Hara
Family Education for Business Owning Families; strengthening bonds by learning together English Book 2009 Amy Schuman , John Ward
Cómo Crear un Consejo de Administración en Empresas Familiares (Edición Española) Spanish Book 2004 John Ward
Transformarse o Desaparecer: Estrategias de la EF para Competir en el Siglo XXI Spanish Book 2008 Joan Amat , Juan Roure , Jon Martínez
Family Business Governance: maximizing family and business potential English Book 1996 Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Família S.A. Gestão de Empresa Familiar e Solução de Conflitos Portuguese Book 2006 Pedro Podboi Adachi
Family Business Succession: the final test of greatness English Book 2003 Craig Aronoff , Stephen McClure , John Ward
Who, me? A practical guide for the next generation English Book 2007 Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
A la sombra del Roble - La Empresa Familiar y su Continuidad Spanish Book 1995 Ernesto Poza
La Empresa Familiar # 7 - Consejos de Administración Spanish Book 2001 Miguel Ángel Gallo
Protocolo Familiar: sus resultados Spanish Book 2006 Miguel Gallo , Salvatore Tomaselli
How Families Work Together English Book 1993 Mary Whiteside , Craig Aronoff , John Ward
Como Criar, Manter e Sair de uma Sociedade Familiar (sem brigar) Portuguese Book 2001 Renato Bernhoeft
Family Meetings: How to build a stronger family and a stronger business English Book 2002 Craig Aronoff , John Ward