With the aim of raising awareness about the importance of adopting sound corporate governance policies and encouraging family harmony and business continuity, the IIC organizes an Annual Corporate Governance Symposium for Family Businesses.

During two and a half days, owners of SMEs and their families are invited to participate in this event which, combining theory, case studies and group dynamics helps to understand the reality of family businesses and how governance structures and processes manage to articulate them. Hosted in different Latin American countries every year, the Symposium represents a space for members of different generations to share their experiences and explore strategies to achieve effective governance.

Some of the issues that were addressed include:

  • Employment policies in family businesses and training of family members interested in participating in the business
  • Governance structures and agreements that regulate the relationships between the family, the business, and the ownership
  • Leadership in the family business
  • Succession and the plan for continuity
  • Composition and functioning of boards of directors
  • Communication strategies and support for family relationships

The IIC's Annual Corporate Governance Symposium of 2015 took place in Asuncion, Paraguay. In 2015, and in contrast to previous years, the Symposium took place in the context of the IIC’s Sustainability Week, meaning that the workshops on environmental and social risk management and on corporate governance took place during the same week. With a combination of theory, case studies, and group work, the workshops provided specific information on environmental and social sustainability and the steps family businesses can take toward more effective corporate governance.

For more information on Sustainability Week and the 2015 Corporate Governance Symposium, please click here.

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